What are the Middle Agers?

2021 has been a year of songwriting online. Rosie Saul (Swim Two Birds), Tim Woodz (Tim Woodz and the Dirty Shoes) and Vic Farrell (Letterbox) got together over Zoom and wrote a bunch of Medieval-style songs about being Middle Aged. All known for their wit and one-liners, these folk are a hoot on stage. 

Vic Farrell, a multi-instrumentalist and singer, uses loop pedals to create choruses of Gregorian monks to chant behind the Medieval instruments in the trio - Tim on Mandolin, Rosie on Tin Whistle and various pipes and Vic on Bodhran and various stringed things such as dulcimers and hurdy-gurdys.

The Humour
Like our name suggests, we sing about getting older and how our tummies are getting wider and the knees are getting stiffer. With a "feminist agenda" and a progressive leftist flavour, we sing songs about the inherent failed logic in being sexist, racist and homophobic. Full of puns and witty repartee, our show has enough to delight all "agers". (Becauser we are all aging, you know). We call medieval dances to assist the incontinent waiting in line to wee. We encourage our audiences to sing along and "do the actions"!

Who are the Middle Agers?

Tim Woodz composes stories into upbeat folk songs, singing playful tunes about possums on power lines, getting stuck in Laundromats and smart phone's that don’t work. He is an engaging oddball performer who has raised more eyebrows than a facial hair farm, with dignity and good fashion sense, so come shake a leg or two with Tim Woodz and the dirty shoes. https://www.timwoodz.com/

Vic Farrell writes IT textbooks and complex rhythms with funny, yet thought-provoking lyrics. A multi-instrumentalist she plays guitar, banjo, ​appalachian dulcimer (cigar-box style and knee-style), double bass, hurdy gurdy and bodhran. As a songwriter, she is well respected among Sydney and Melbourne singer-songwriters who cover her work more frequently than she has time to do herself. https://www.vicfarrell.com.au/letterboxmusic

Rosie Saul is a piper, a whistler and flautist. She has played with Swim Two Birds for over 20 years. She also happens to be hilarious. 

The Middle Agers

We can assist you in partying like it is 1499, Hey Nonny, Nonny!
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Bad Hair Day

Lockdown hair was a thing in the middle ages too. Remember medieval minstrals have issues with their do too.
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The Bins Go Out More Than I Do.

Tim and Vic wrote this song long before Lockdown. Always ahead of the times.
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Bladder Dance

There are never enough female toilets at Festivals. We offer a solution.

All Ye Young Maidens

Another cautionary tale for maids who dabble with Tinder.

Whine O'Clock

With Middle Age comes aches and pains. Here's where we have a bit of a whinge.


Those poor Settlers of Catan... they deserved a folk  song too.
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