I'm a school teacher and I find a lot of inspiration from my students.

Despite what hardships a middle class white person may endure under the lockdown restrictions, they pale in comparison to the relentlessness of racism. 

My childhood friends and my students appear in my songs to tell their stories of being targeted because of the colour of their skin. 

When I Was Six

I grew up in Chinchilla, Qld. This song is about the indigenous kids I grew up with who were dealt a different lot in life to me.

Year 9

I wrote this song for my Year 9 class. 

I Get Up

This song is based on a true story. One of my indigenous students related to me about always being harrassed by police when he was out with his friends. One day it was reported to the school that he was killed while being chased by a police.

Things Are Not Alright

I wrote this song as a song writing challenge under lockdown. It is about being a teacher and a witness to what goes on in the lives of my students..

Wear a Mask

Just another silly song about wearing a mask.


Well everyone one was writing songs about Lockdown, so I didn't want to be left out.

The Wall

My first song writing attempt in over 7 years. A long hiatus due to work committments  and losing my voice. This song is about the limitations that refugees have. Imagine being born into a life with no home and no options.

White man's world

I could help by notice that the people involved in these violent protests were largely white and male. The epitome of ​privilege.


On the flip side, the BLM protests inspired this video and cover of David Guetta's song Titanium. 


Perspective is an introtrospective look at the world and how 'but for the grace of god' go we all.
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